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Karla... Owner/Stylist

Hey Everyone,
I guess it’s time to delve into a little about me. First and foremost let me just say how blessed I am for all that has been bestowed upon me. God has been good; my hope is that everyone will be blessed as I have been.
High School was over in 1984, no counting please, I started my journey into adulthood graduating beauty school in 1985. Whew, time has flown. Let me tell you that I have the same amount of passion now as I did back then. I absolutely enjoy the daily grind as some would put it, driving to work (in silence normally) and having the ability to share in my clients world, lifting their spirits, and making them love themselves more by the time they leave. Who wouldn’t enjoy that? To be able to leave a piece of me with as many people in this world as I can, now that’s a blessing.
This great life means so much more because of my husband, Ray. Okay, I admit it; I got lucky; Ray is hot. Don’t hate me. I was blessed the day I met him in Papa Jacks dance club all those years ago, and people say it doesn’t work out when you meet someone in a bar. Ha! I also have some amazing best friends and family! Who could ask for more?
I’m also a Realtor. Who wouldn’t enjoy walking into other peoples homes and looking at the décor? Yep, decorating is one of my passions. Okay, who am I kidding? Shopping, now that’s the passion. TJMaxx here I come!! Let us not forget my passion for Tim Hortons iced caps. I should own stock! Sometimes it just has to be a twofer day! Yep, twofer is a word.
In February 2011 I started BCS Distributors.  I have the Ohio territory for Chihtsai Haircare products, an amazing line if I do say so myself.  Again, very blessed with an exciting and promising business opportunity.  I have amazing sales reps, oh, and I'm always looking for more of them! Hook me up!!!
You are probably tired of hearing about my passions, but I have one more I must declare. I love animals!! Shocker to most I’m sure. I have 4 kitties, Baby, Sweetie, Poo Bear and Mimi.  I am a volunteer for Colony Cats (&dogs), a nonprofit, all volunteer animal rescue. It is so rewarding when an animal I was involved in rescuing gets a new fur-ever home. You should try it sometime.
I can only say that I hope each of you knows you have the ability and passion to wake up and start your day with the knowledge that you too can make a difference in someone’s life. I hope I have.





Let me just start by saying how very blessed and grateful I am to be part of this awesome team at Bella Capelli Salone & Day Spa.  How many people can work in a profession for 25 years and still love it just as much (or more) as in the beginning.  Hair styles, products, and techniques are ever changing and evolving so there are always new things to learn and experience that I can share with my clients.
There are so many reasons that I love doing hair. Another one is the opportunity to meet new people, develop friendships, and share a bit of our life stories with each other.  I believe that the people whose paths we cross in life are put there for a reason, not just some random coinsidence.  For me, it is such a gift to have the chance to touch someone's life in some small way.
Along with being passionate about hair design, I LOVE animals.  Not just cats and dogs, but all kinds.  I had a pair ofPatagonian Cavies that were probably my most unique.  They were bottlefed (by me) from 3 days old on.  These animals look sort of like a mini kangaroo...if you have never seen one...Google it.  Mine were potty trained and leash trained.  In my little zoo that I call home, foster cats and dogs from Colony Cats (and dogs) come to stay until they can be placed in a forever home.  Loving and caring for these neglected/abused animals is a privelage that is simply priceless.  If you are looking for something to bring a bit of joy into your life, check out Colony Cats (and Dogs) to see how you might be able to help out.
I look forward to meeting you, getting to know you, and helping you have some fun with your hair!




Hey everyone! Let me just start off by telling you a little about myself!
I grew up in Plain City and graduated from Jonathan Alder in 2009. So you can say, I am a small town kind of gal! I can also say, that I became very blessed when I met my husband in 2012. We recently got married in August 2015. I can honestly say that he truly is the better half of me, and always supports my dreams. We are also parents of a wonderful Husky named Koda! He is defiantly our fur baby until we start our own family!
Some little fun facts about myself, hair design defiantly runs in my family. My aunt opened and ran a salon for almost 20 years in Plain city. I grew up in that salon running to the phone so I could schedule an appointment for my aunt, keep in my mind I was like 5 years old! I also had my fair share of sweeping up hair for my aunt in between her clients! Ooo the memories! Now, my sister who is also a hair stylist, works at the very salon my aunt opened up 20+ years ago! How cool! You can say hair design is in our blood!  
Now for the hair part of this! I worked in a upscale salon for 3 years. I have been trained in cutting and colors by stylists all over the country! I was also an educator myself teaching coloring, cutting and styling. I love getting to know clients and making them feel their very best! When a client says to me "you just made my day", that is why I do my job! I love to make you feel beautiful, because you are, inside and out! We will discover what you truly want out of your hair from deep consultations, discussing options and figuring out what best works for you!
 I can't wait to get to know you, so come on in and discover the best out of you hair with me! 


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