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    Spa Membership Program

    We are excited to announce our New Spa Membership Program available for Massage or Facials.  Your wellness & relaxation are our top priority.  We are offering an economic way for you to maintain your wellness regimen.

    The Spa at Bella Capelli's membership program offers discounts on monthly spa services. The membership benefits include one service (either Massage or Facial) at a discounted rate each month, as well as additional discounts on secondary spa member service(s) within the same month. You will receive discounts, incentives, and specials throughout your membership term. These specials will vary month to month.  

    Based on the service you choose, you will receive one of that specified service(s) each month. You may book an additional service that you have chosen for your membership at the additional discounted rate listed. Any additional services will be charged at time of checkout. 

    Facial Spa Membership


    Deep Cleansing w/ Brow Wax  $65+tax    Additional Service         $50+tax



    Power Facial w/ Brow Wax   $85+tax       Additional Service          $70+tax





    Massage Spa Membership

    60 Minute Customized Massage $60+tax              Additional Service     $50+tax



    90 Minute Customized Massage  $85+tax               Additional Service    $75+tax



    60 Minute Hot Stone  Massage $75+tax                Additional Service       $65+tax



    90 Minute Hot Stone  Massage $100+tax             Additional Service       $90+tax




    * Choice of 6 month or 12 month commitment*

    * Fees will be deducted on the 1st of every month*

    * $99 cancellation fee if cancelled before 6/12 month commitment *

    * You may freeze your account for a maximum of 3 months during your 12 month period or 1 month during your 6 month period for a fee of $10 month (instead of reg. monthly fee)*

    * Memberships are non-transferable*

    *If you do not schedule or redeem your service during any particular month, you understand that you forfeit the month's service after 30 days.  No refunds or credits will be issued for missed and/or late appointments.*

    *At the end of the 6/12 month membership commitment, your spa membership will automatically revert to a month to month membership.  Your card will continue to be charged the monthly membership fee.*

    *After the initial membership commitment, my month to month membership can be cancelled by turning in a "Spa Membership Request to Cancel" form at least 30 days prior to next billing date.*

    *You may not downgrade or cancel your membership during the 6/12 month commitment period. If for any reason you do need to cancel before the commitment period is up, you may do so by filling out a"Spa Member Request to Cancel Form" at least 30 days prior to next billing cycle and pay $99 cancellation fee.*

    *We require a 24 hour notice for any cancellations or rescheduling of appointments.*

    *You may upgrade your membership to a higher level at anytime.*



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